Get Some Sleep. Photoshop and makeup are poor solutions for bags and bloodshot eyes. Rested eyes sparkle with life and will complement the $200 you just spent on your hair. 

Shave. This is not a gender thing. Guys, shave well but not on the way to your shoot. Use a mirror leave time for nicks to mend and skin to recover. Gals, whether it’s a shave or wax, leave enough time so your skin recovers and you don’t show up like an allergy test gone wrong.

If you sport facial hair or the five o’clock shadow thing, trim it up.
Brush Your Teeth. Just because your momma’s not with you doesn’t mean you can forget hygiene. Sometimes, there’s actually something between your teeth.
Do Your Laundry. If you are planning on changing your outfit bring it/them on hangers, not stuffed in a paper sack.
Inspect for stains, even around the collar. Iron your clothes, even the T-shirt ... yes, really. Shine/clean your shoes. Guys, wear a belt that looks like it belongs with your shoes if you’re wearing them.

"What Should I Wear?" Google it. Sound stupid? Try it. Type “what to wear for senior pictures” then sort the results by Images. You may pick up ideas you had not thought of.

Wear what fits you now, not what used to fit.
Mini skirts may be sexy but they require a lot more attention and limit pose styles. The same holds for plunging necklines and other revealing styles. They all require more effort to make sure the focus is on you and not your wardrobe malfunction (such as unintended strap reveals or other such drama).
Stripes and bold patterns are fine if you want the focus on what you’re wearing. Sometimes that IS the point but for most people this is about you, try keeping colors simple and coordinated.

I can offer individual outfit consults in person or with pictures you snapped from your cell phone. You could also hire a wardrobe consultant..

Hair & Makeup. We can arrange for hair stylists and makeup artists (example lower left) to fit your budget or you can use your own.

If you’re applying your own makeup, a good rule of thumb is “a little heavier than normal.” Too much may work for the Broadway stage but will make your portrait look painted and fake. Most acne blemishes can be corrected in the “darkroom.”
It may just be an innocent glisten on your brow but the camera thinks your face is greasy. Dusting your face with a translucent powder or a mist of hair spray on your face (really, look it up) will help keep the shine down.
A new haircut or style should be days before so you have time to fix it if you hate it.
Bring your brush/comb and styling/makeup for touch-up.

Nail Biter? You already know you should stop so I’ll spare you the lecture. Girls, get a manicure (or at least good press-ons).

If I ask you to put your hands near your face you will be self conscious and tend to hide your nails.  

Props and Personality. Have something that means something to you? Feel free to bring it. If it’s a car or bike make sure it’s either spotless or filthy. Musical instrument (real or toy). Hat(s), scarves, feathers, jewelry, sports gear, etc. 

Is This All Really Worth It? Hey, you can take pictures of yourself with your phone. You’re paying me to do it because you want something special. Yes, trust me, it’s worth it.

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